C & A Financial Programs, Inc. puts you in control of your financial future today by helping you, the annuity holder, convert annual payments into a large lump sum payment.

C & A Financial Programs, Inc. will do all of the work associated with purchasing your seller held annuity contract at no extra cost to you. You will be quoted a net amount to purchase your annuity contract. C & A Financial Programs, Inc. will pay for all costs and expenses related to closing the transaction.

If you have an annuity contract to sell, fill out our Annuity Quote Form and send it and we will get the process started, or call today and let our team of experts assist you in finding the plan that is best for you!

An Annuity is a unique financial product that provides tax deferral of interest and capital gains and the option of a guaranteed monthly income which you can not outlive.

Accumulation Period

During the accumulation period of an annuity contract all premium payments are invested in either a fixed account also known as a guaranteed account. Your principal and the interest rate are guaranteed by the company. Interest rates a usually guaranteed for one year however increasingly guaranteed annuity rate are available for longer durations.

Distribution Period

During retirement funds can be withdrawn from the contract and the owner has several options to chose from.


Withdrawals may be made at any time from the annuities contract, prior to retirement as well, usually with a minimum dollar amount and at the option of the owner.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan

A Systematic Withdrawal Plan enables the owner to pre-authorized periodic withdrawals. The owners of the annuity contract instructs the company to withdraw a percentage or a level dollar amount from the contract on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis. Checks are sent directly to the owner or can be deposited directly into the owners checking account.

Fixed Account

The owner of the annuity contract may transfer all or part of the value of the annuity contract to the fixed account, sometimes called the guaranteed account, and elect to annuitize those funds. In essence the owner of the contract for a fixed dollar amount, purchases a monthly income which will be paid to him/her until death.

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