Deeds of Trust.

In some states, a deed of trust is the instrument that takes the place of and serves the same purpose of a mortgage. It is a conveyance of real estate title. A writing signed by a grantor, whereby title to real property is transferred from one to another. The deed of trust works by having the legal title to real property placed with one or more trustees to ensure repayment of a sum of money. While a deed of trust differs in form from a mortgage it is essentially the same.

There are many factors that go into determining the market value of a seller held deed of trust. The duration, interest rate, amount of the payment, the current value of the asset securing the deed of trust, clear title, the pay history on the deed of trust, the payer's credit history and the overall risk of stepping into the note. Investors must weigh all of these factors when making offers on seller held deeds of trust. There is always a discount for taking over the risk of stepping into seller held deeds of trust. Some companies claim to be able to purchase deeds of trust at face value. Don't believe it! There is a lot of work that goes into closing one of these transactions and no company is going to do all that work, just to have a payer pay the deed of trust off the next day.

C & A Financial Programs, Inc. will do all of the work associated with purchasing your seller held deed of trust at no extra cost to you. You will be quoted a net amount to purchase your deed of trust. C & A Financial Programs, Inc. will pay for all title searches, appraisal costs and all other expenses related to closing the transaction.

If you have a deed of trust to sell, fill out our Mortgage Quote Form and send it and we will get the process started, or call today and let our team of experts assist you in finding the plan that is best for you!


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