Why You Should Watch Hamilton If You’re in The Military

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Hamilton is, without any doubt, one of the greatest musicals ever played on Broadway. Moreover, if you want to watch Hamilton but do not have the time to visit Broadway physically, you can watch the recorded version on Disney+, and on any other online platform.

In this article, we will briefly explain the reasons why you should watch Hamilton play if you are a service member or a veteran.

It’s About an American Hero

Since the story is about Alexander Hamilton, there is a lot to learn for American patriots in this story. The story explains how sir Alexander Hamilton, out of nowhere, became one of the most significant figures in American history all with the help of his struggle and consistency.

So, any person serving in the military can learn a lot from the life of Alexander Hamilton by watching the Hamilton musical.

Hamilton play

This was the first reason why you should watch Hamilton on Broadway.

It Tells American History

Story of the Hamilton musical is centered around the American revolution. Alexander Hamilton gets in touch with other people who will help him in the American revolution. There are lots of women in the story, and they have strong characters.

Everything mentioned in the Hamilton musical is sung to you while the actors proceed with the play.

It Makes Fun of The British Empire

The writer of the Hamilton musical has made fun of the British empire various times in his play. He depicts King George III as a fool who is not in touch with his colonies.

Moreover, to make the songs more accurate, they are sung in a Beatles-like British accent.

These were some of the reasons why you should watch Hamilton if you are serving in the military.

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