We are in the business of buying land contracts, mortgages, deeds of trust, annuities, and other sources of payments commonly referred to as "notes." We have been assisting people like you for years, providing cash quickly and effortlessly. We are a principal investor with our own funding which allows us to offer top dollar for your owner financed note and the assurance that any offer we accept will always result in a successful transaction.

C & A Financial Programs, Inc. will do all of the work associated with purchasing your seller held note at no extra cost to you. You will be quoted a net amount to purchase your note. C & A Financial Programs, Inc. will pay for all title searches, appraisal costs and all other expenses related to closing the transaction.

If you have a note to sell, fill out our Mortgage Note Quote Form and send it and we will get the process started, or call today and let our team of experts assist you in finding the plan that is best for you!

C & A Financial Programs offers several programs to provide you with cash when you sell us part or all of the remaining payments on your real estate note.

Full Real Estate Note Purchase

This option is most commonly known to people who hold real estate notes. You can sell the entire interest in your real estate note and receive one lump sum payment from C & A Financial programs, Inc.. We will fully service and assume responsibility for the note and free you from any obligation of collecting payments.

Partial Real Estate NotePurchase

This option allows you to sell only a certain number of the monthly payments remaining on the note. It is an excellent way to access a lump sum of cash from the note and then continue to receive payments from the note in the future. C & A Financial Programs, Inc. will fully service the note during the time we are collecting payments, relieving you from the responsibility of monitoring the payments, insurance, taxes, etc. Once the specific number of payments are collected, you may either receive the note back or sell more payments to C & A Financial Programs, Inc.. This increases the flexibility of your note by allowing you to receive a lump sum of cash today and still receive payments from the note in the future.

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