Within the past few months or years you have joined thousands of other Americans who have accepted a mortgage as part of the proceeds of a real estate sale. C & A Financial Programs, Inc. is a specialist in the field of converting privately held mortgages to cash. The sale of a mortgage is an important decision worthy of thoughtful consideration based on individual financial circumstances.

Our proven ability to structure purchases of seller financing has enabled us to become a predominant nationwide source for sellers of notes, mortgages, and loan portfolios.

In addition to individuals who take back seller financing, we work daily with attorneys, title insurance companies, real estate brokers, bankers and mortgage brokers who handle or refer to us mortgage notes for sale. All broker inquiries are welcome.

To convert a mortgage to cash generally requires the expertise of a Mortgage Broker specializing in our field and other Mortgage Brokers are one of our major sources of business, as are accountants, and attorneys. C & A Financial Programs is a leader in the mortgage conversion field and will handle the details and secure the cash you may desire through the sale of your entire mortgage or merely the sale of a few of the remaining payments. We offer the following important questions and answers to help you in making the right decision.

Our professional Staff and underwriters make closing convenient, simple and secure. After we agree on a full or partial sale of your note via our sale agreement, C & A Financial Programs, Inc. will do all the work, including notifying the payor of your mortgage assignment after closing. We utilize a title company or attorney to be certain your mortgage is properly assigned. C & A Financial Programs, Inc. will wire funds to your local title company or closing agent.

How We Buy

Once this information is received, the cash for the purchase of the note is forwarded along with a letter of instructions to the title insurance company. The title insurance company issues its mortgages in favor of C & A Financial Programs, Inc. and disburses the cash to the seller at that time.

Why do people sell mortgages?
  • To pay off debts which are at higher interest rates
  • To invest in business, real estate, or ventures which they expect to provide more benefit.
  • To settle estates and provide for relatives unable to service a mortgage.
  • Tax benefits.

  • Will I incur any "Out-of-pocket" expenses to complete the transaction?
  • No, our quotes are net to you with us paying all closing fees for anything that we require.

  • If I convert my mortgage to cash, how will it affect the person(s) paying me?
  • It will not. All terms and conditions set forth in the original note and mortgage remain in force. The only change will be to whom and where future payments are sent.

  • How long will it take to receive the funds?
  • Generally, two or three weeks.

  • Will I need to attend the closing?
  • Not necessarily, our office can close the transaction by sending you a complete closing package along with easy to follow instructions.

  • Are Mortgage Brokers licensed and regulated?
  • Yes, our firm is licensed and regulated by the Department of Banking and Finance in the State of Florida.
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